Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 Blessings

It's my 100th post here in NER! Woohoo! *fireworks and trumpets please* ^^

remnants of strawberry and milk teaIn line with my blessed 100th, it rained all of a sudden this afternoon. So I totally enjoyed my strawberry jam-filled crackers and warm milk tea. Yum yum ^^

For all the other 99 posts, this blog has gone through a lot of my rants, idiosyncrasies and meditations. And of course, a different layout and theme once in a while. (Once in a while daw oh :P)

Looking back at all those previous 99, I came up with my favorite 7 posts. It's nice that my favorites came out with my favorite number. (If you notice, my name has 7 letters also in it: N-E-R-I-S-S-A.) So here's my fave 7, in no particular order:

1. Yakult Litro. May kwentong Yakult ka rin ba? For me this was the most fun post I've ever made in this blog. It was real fun because me and my officemates were laughing while reminiscing our Yakult moments. It was funny and endearing at the same time. Yakult is an integral part of my childhood, I tell you. Haha. XD

2. The Dash by Linda Ellis. Among all the inspiring stories I shared, The Dash sticks out most because of the simplicity and profoundness of the poem. I wish I can do masterpieces like this kind.

3. Silang Lihim (Them Secrets). I haven't done any poem recently and this is by far my latest reflective poem on humanity for which I'm kinda proud of.

4. City of Sorrow. Since we came upon my former passion of poetry, this poem is also one of my latest works that delved into bleak sadness. I liked how it came about because this is a new style compared to my other poems.

5. Loneliness is a Friend. Perhaps I was really sulking in sorrow at this point of time, since both City of Sorrow and this reflection (my most emo post ever) were posted at the same month. Don't worry, I'm not depressed anymore. :)

6. When I Die. This poem is not as morbid as you may think. If you've read it, it's actually contrary to #4 and #5 because it sees death in a more optimistic perspective. I've done this poem when I was in college and only posted it in line with the coming All Saints last year. I'm touched that a lot of people appreciated its meaning.

7. Pabaon. This is just a short post that wasn't meant to be blogged. I was chatting with Chen then when she left ASC and I gave this piece of advice, which I thought was really good. Thus I posted it so I won't forget my little gem of truth. The post is in Filipino and in my haste, I haven't injected the translation so I'll put it here.

Wherever you may go, whomever you may be with, whatever happens...
the decision of who you will be in the end still lies in your hands.

I still have some things to write but it seems that my post is already long. Reflecting on my whole journey in this blog, it seems that I haven't fully given you a worthwhile stay here. So my resolution will be to give more sensible posts. Or if not sensible, at least, more of me. :)

Thanks, my dear readers, for dipping your eyes into my life. I know that this blog's public audience isn't much but I'm happy to have shared myself to you. Cheers to more blessings! ^^

Ei, do you have favorite posts here as well? Wouldn't mind if you let me know. :D

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