Friday, October 26, 2007

Poem: When I Die

Since it's nearing All Saints and we're kinda melancholic still due to the tragedy , I offer this poem I made in 2002.

When I Die
by neri de castro

when i die, don't grieve for me
i might have a better place to be.

we often grieve when someone dies
not for his death but for our lives
because we lost a kindred soul,
leaving behind a gaping hole.

so when i die, i'll understand
if you'll shed tears upon the sand
but let it not be hard for me
please do not grieve till eternity.

i want you to smile even for a moment
think of the past, the memories spent
remember me at a time of my best
and place it in your heart to rest

and then i'll smile wherever i am
'coz i will never die in time
when i know that we're together
when my life you still remember.


More of Neri's literary works.


  1. Nice poem... I watch a movie about death but I forgot the title. hehehe. There was one scene that the people around celebrated instead of crying. They said, its for thanking the person for being alive with them.

  2. nice poem... I guess to not cry is enough, but to celebrate is downright funny... hehe...

  3. hola love this poem it's really (good)my friends said they love this poem to