Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project Paint Gate (PG)

In the past two days, I and my parents have been re-painting our gate.

You don't know how rust can look so appealing till you see it face to face. Haha. Lookie here. Click on the thumbnail if you dare to see it. Hehe.

One of my childhood dreams is to be a painter. I like the feel of a paintbrush in my hand and swirling it back and forth.
I think I'm a "hand" person. My interests concern the use of hands: writing, photography, programming, painting, playing the piano, singing (you need to hold the mic for that *wink*). But then we all use our hands most, if not all, of the time. So let's scrap that "hand" person I said.

So going back to Project Paint Gate (PG), my parents and I were debating last week on what color to paint the gate with. I wanted mint green. Papa liked the "pink-orange" he saw on the baker's newly-painted house. (I haven't seen the baker's house yet so I can't imagine what "pink-orange" is. Let and I are thinking of peach.) Mama was strongly advocating the "pink-violet" of Let's flowers. (The flowers that Let got from Baguio, which magically changed its colors from blue, green, purple, and pink. What's next?)

Come Monday this week, they decided it's time to buy the cans of paint needed. With no definite color decided yet. I said I'd go but after my long afternoon nap, I can't make my feet go with them. So they went off and came back with *drums please*.... a dark horrid-looking mix of red and violet. I'm sorry to say that it was horrid but it's horrid if you'll paint it on a gate. Our gate even.

All of us were not happy with the color. Not even Mama and Papa. But the paint must be used. And the gate, painted.

To be continued. Need to eat lunch first then rest a while. ;)

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