Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oktoberfest 120 in Pictures: Part II

With Oktoberfest as a night-out, I was also able to thoroughly test my cam on night shots. Geez, I have to fix my shaky hands so as not to add up on the blur and noise. Getting back to Oktoberfest...

Well, after more or less 30 minutes of waiting on humid atmosphere (or sweaty crowd, ugh), my SMC friends were able to squeeze our way inside the venue. Flashing of IDs weren't enough, tickets weren't enough. A little angst was needed. >.<>

I don't know if they beat the Guiness on the longest bar. My girl friends and I were just adamant that our male friends get inside... fast. ~.~

Aww, sorry, my blogging time's up for the moment. Catch you later for another round of beer? ;)

Catch Oktoberfest 120 in Pictures:
Part IV - to be concluded 


  1. wow! i missed this one sayang di ko tuloy napanood ang third eye blind

  2. congrats sa nomination bro..voted!

    masaya dito ah :)balik ako, rgds!