Monday, September 8, 2008

Oktoberfest 120 in Pictures: Part I

Honestly this was my first Oktoberfest and I'm really disappointed with how San Miguel's men, whoever's the culprit I won't know, handled the crowd that night.

Yes, we were late. Past 9pm when we arrived at San Miguel Ave because of waiting on each other. I and two of my companions that night literally came from work here in Pampanga and travelled all the way to Metro Manila for the event. The streets were crowded with people and vehicles. It looked like a rally.

We were situated at the back of the venue so I wasn't able to get a great view of the fireworks, which started at 9pm. *sad*
Pardon the cables overhead. Hehe. These are also my first (poor) shots on fireworks. When will my second time be? Hmmm...

It was very difficult getting inside. Even with us having tickets. And even with two of my friends who are already employees in San Miguel.

Were we able to get inside? And if not, what to do? Going from Pampanga to Manila is no joke, huh. >.<

Catch Oktoberfest 120 in Pictures:
Part IV - to be concluded

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  1. ayos naman ang shot mo dito eh..artistic nga..txs for the invite.sure ill do that :)

    see u around!