Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bye bye, PC

I thought we'd still last for two years but I was wrong. This March would've been our second anniversary but it let go... or was it I who let go? No, we were forced to let go of each other.

So now I'm moving my things to another machine. I have to say goodbye to my old trusty PC. I was issued a laptop to my benefit or not. I really don't want a laptop slung on my shoulder anywhere I go. But I have to. Or else I won't use anything wherever I report. Here in GT, I just snatched a space in between a monitor and CPU; while in BPI, the only space I can get to be connected will be Mike's free space with a yarn of a LAN cable. Hehe.

I'm a squatter nowadays. With a laptop. Also known as work at home. Or weights while walking.

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