Wednesday, February 28, 2007

anti-pressure cooker

My friend's been pressured lately. She takes everything too seriously to her detriment. Let's pray that she could be stronger to take on more pressure from work since there's no escaping pressure, just accepting and improvising with the situation.

Here's a list I got, which I asked guidance from the Lord. Hehe. I'm no good adviser kasi.

1. When your mind's cluttered already and everything's a mess, do nothing. Go out. Breathe. When your mind's cleared up then you could go back.

2. It is healthier to divert your attention from work (especially from the PC to relax not only your mind but also your eyes) every now and then. It wouldn't lessen your concentration time and would even boost mind power even. It's like charging your phone at certain intervals. Otherwise, you'd be dead batt.

3. Always eat at the proper time. Food in your stomach not only nourishes your body but your mind as well. Did you know that the stomach is directly connected to the brain? Don't you feel that when your stomach aches, your brain doesn't function well? Haha. Cornee. Corned beef.

4. Same as no. 3, take a rest at the proper time. When at work, work. When not in work, don't work at all. I know that our job concerns analytical thinking and we could analyze anywhere, anyhow but we shouldn't overdo it. We are paid only 8 hours a day, so we should give our all for those 8 hours. Outside of it, stop. For your own benefit. No one will suffer aside from you, not even the company would experience your pain as much as you will.

5. Get a life. Find ways to relax. Get a hobby. Play games. Have a sport. Do something physical for a change. Pamper yourself. Laugh. Love yourself. Give time to love others as well, more importantly.

6. Most importantly, pray. God knows best. ;)

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  1. HI girl! I havent visited your Bsite here, been out of net since i transfered to USA two months ago. *hugs*

    Im looking forward to reading more of ur entries here :D love them! hopefully will have enough time after my work later, so gotta visit here again and share my thoughts too. Miss yah!

    And oh just a short share of thoughts about stress and prayers..
    When i came here in california, i felt so stressful altho i dun do that much ... talking to God was like talking to my conscience. Now im excited, at last ill have a job, God answered my prayers and HE didnt leave me ^_^
    Prayers to your friend too...