Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tag! You're My Friend!

Thanks to Blogkadahan for this friendship tag. ^^

This is a "FRIENDSHIP OFFERING" with someone whom you know, would like to know and would like to be friend with.

The mechanics of this is to copy and paste the image in your blog, link back the person who tag you and share or spread this friendship badge to 7 or more bloggers that you knew or think you are friends with.

Ooh 7, my fave number. ^^

I haven't been doing tags lately and I'm offering this friendship tag to my "long-time" blogger friends (since I started reaching out in the blogosphere only this year that is) namely Emcee, Enday, Fab (Miss you, girl. Long time no blog from you and Furious), Superboi, Alex, and Bino and Cey, who are both celebrating their birthday today. (Pa-burger naman kayo ^^)

Sorry for not visiting that much unlike before. That's what happens when I have a job. Hahaha.

xoxo ^^


  1. alam mo ba, na sa tuwing may ganyan ka at isinasama mo ako natatouch ako. heheh :))

    THANK YOU! :)

    the blogworld sometimes, you get to see "real people" din talaga.

    thank you neri :)

  2. aww how sweet. thanks din, superboi! xoxo ^^

  3. hi sis!

    Thanks very much s tag,i'll do it when i'm ready hehehe,
    thank u for considering as one of ur friends,same here :)
    though busy ka i know in my heart lagi ka lang nanjan,naks!

  4. considering me hehehe antok na me eh,have a great weekend sis,mwah!

  5. naks naman talaga, sis. thanks! tulog na. have a great weekend too and God bless. xoxo ^^