Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check in Hotel626 for a Scary Adventure

Do you munch on a bag of chips while watching a horror movie?

Well, now the bag of chips brings you not just a horror movie but your own horror adventure as you check in Hotel626, an online flash game brought to you by Doritos for Halloween. Yup, you read that right, Doritos. I really believe this is a good advertising campaign though they didn't put in their brand that much in the game itself. Plus, how do you link snacks to scares, ei?

Honestly I haven't played the game myself. I let my sister try it out last night. I'm a scaredy-cat kasi. ^^ Well, my sister Let did get the creeps alright and wasn't even staring at the monitor for too long. Mama was becoming apprehensive with the shouts coming from the room. In the end, Let wasn't able to finish the game because of getting stressed. Hehe.

Hotel626 is open only from 6pm to 6am (hence the name), local time. So you can cheat the site by changing your computer's clock and check in the game earlier. However I read that the game was still scary even with the lights on. Play at your own risk they say. So if you have a faint heart (like me), the game isn't recommended for you unless you want to dare yourself. Be my guest; just tell me what happens then. ^^

Note: You can opt out the mic and webcam if you like. 


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