Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chupa Chuck

Life less serious.

Just love the slogan and the commercial itself, of course. The lollipop commercial has been around for months but I still laugh when I see it.

How bad do you want it, Chuck?

I love the girlfriend version though. It's really a cruel breakup, I guess. ^^

And if you're really an avid Chuck supporter, you might want to join The Chuck Appreciation Group. Go Chuck; go suck! (Did that sound right to you? Hahaha.)


  1. nyahahaha. i remember one time when my officemate ask me wat i want when we are in a conveniencec store. then I said, i want chupa chups. and she really laugh so hard!

  2. hahaha. so how do bad do you want it, vanny? hahaha.