Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Melamine-Flavored Chocolates. Yum?

Ok, so maybe not. But how are you sure?

Choco Melamine
With Cadbury recalling 11 of its chocolate products, what next? Unilever Philippines is assuring consumers that their milk tea products are melamine-free despite Unilever HongKong and Macau's recall of their products. M&M, Oreo and Snickers are also affected by the scare. This is really a scare not only to milk-sucking infants but chocoholics like me. Cue pandemonium.

Eating Chemicals is Nothing New
If it were not for the death of four babies and illness of 53,000 more, we wouldn't be aware that we may be munching and drinking on industrial chemicals. But then, we are never aware of what we eat, right? It's like eating in a fast food chain and having the faith of eating clean and delicious food without knowing that the burger patty got stuck in the floor for half a minute until someone stepped on it and hey, there's the patty in your burger. Gross I know but let's face it, we can never be too sure of anything that's laid out on us even raw food. (Ok, except if you personally planted and harvested the veggie or fruit.)

We were already eating chemicals even before melamine stood on the spotlight. Kidney stones and renal failure weren't just discovered because of melamine. It just so happened that it was instantaneous and massive plus they're only infants for God's sake.

What Do I Eat Now?
So my problem now is that I have to stay away for a while on chocolates, cheese, milk, and other dairy products. (Does ice cream count? Teehee.) I think that's easy enough for someone who doesn't like those stuff. But how about me? Boohoo. To eat or not to eat. That is the question. ^^

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  1. i love cadburry but.....goodbye...

    *teardrop sa left eye

  2. yeah, me too. peppermint choc. huhuhu. good thing they're rare and i don't eat them as much.