Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lean on Me, Pisa

It’s been my long-time dream to go to Italy. (I think I’m half Italian with my love for Italy, pasta and pizza. Hahaha.) That’s why I envy Eunice for seeing The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Florence. Huhuhu. (I think I’m sounding like a nutcase with Hahaha and Huhuhu in between, don’t you think? Hehehe. :D)

I’ve always marvelled the secret behind The Leaning Tower of Pisa, why it won’t fall off even if it’s already leaning; it’s like a suspended string puppet. Researching on it in Wikipedia, it was closed to the public on January 1990 to relieve some weight and straighten it a bit. Good thing it was reopened to the public on December 2001 and was declared stable for another 300 years. Cool!

Hayz, hopefully I can really go there. I’m even looking at holiday apartments near Pisa at Holiday-Rentals.co.uk. I’m that excited. I just found out that Pisa is in Florence is in Tuscany. Wehehe. Perhaps I can also go to wine tours in Tuscany as well! Surely it's not just Pisa that will mesmerize me but the warm atmosphere of Tuscany and lovely Italy as a whole.

Hayz, dream on, Neri, dream on. Care to join me? ^^


  1. i wanna join! hahaha.

    its my dream too to go to italy.. =)

    goodluck to the both of us.

  2. hahaha, yeah, good luck to both of us! ^^ hopefully we'll see each other there ;)

  3. Me to Nana Ner, I have always dream of even staying there for good. :)



  4. Have a look at holidaylettings.co.uk for accommodation in Pisa too -