Friday, October 10, 2008

For Enday

This bloggery (blog post) is lovingly dedicated to my kambal (twin) in the blogosphere, Enday.

I just read her hurt over people who are judging her emo bloggery as entry for an online emo-writing contest. Some bloggers were saying that her blog is considered a humor blog so it was not appropriate to post such emotions. Worse, some didn't even believe her.

I think it's very cruel of those bloggers to judge Enday and misinterpret her purpose. Who would post such painful memories on her family if it were not true? And what would she gain? Can't a funny person have a soft spot, a broken heart? Ironic but I believe that the saddest stories come from those who laugh the most. I'm really infuriated with these people who wrongly judge my fellow blogger. She was just being true to herself but she was told a liar. She was just reaching out but she was told inappropriate.

Well, we have to accept that there are such people in the world. They say life is unfair but I think we make it so. Anyway, I'm here for you, kambal. Hugs.


  1. *hugs*
    salamat kambal..
    kala ko nalimot mo na ko.. ;'c
    salmat ng marami.
    it is nice to have you as my twin and my friend.
    godbless. :)

  2. makakalimutan ba naman kita, kambal? hay naku, hindi no. di man ako madalas makadalaw, i'm here for you ;) mwah :)

  3. wtf! tlaga????

    a blog is pretty much like an extension of someone's feelings and even if a blog has a certain image it doesn't mean that we should be caged in it! gosh ang babaw ng iba ha... ang daming baggage!

    kaya tinanggal ko na rin ang blog ko sa topblogs, weekly nila ako nililipat ng category!

    anyways voted for you enday wtg!

  4. @alex, onga babaw talaga. ba't nililipat ka ng category ng topblogs? didn't happen to me e. diba ikaw nagpapalit ng category dun?

  5. korek ka jan alex! alam mo sis grabe talaga noh khit pla d2 s blogosphere may mga gnyan tao,kalungkot lng,sigh....

  6. @ner: that's what i thought but i always receive an email from them telling me i categorize my blog wrong then lilipat nila ako ng iba, then ganun na naman...

    eh they're the one who put me on another category, weird...

    naikot ko na news, personal, humor, entertainment. hayz

  7. Hi!!! I'm May. I've experienced that too... being misjudged by other bloggers reason why I changed my old blog to private. Now, I have a new blog and I rarely post about my personal life, dati kasi parang open book ang buhay ko kaya pinagpyestahan ng ibang mga bloggers, well, my bad. Actually, I'm just a silent blogger. May mga times na gusto kong makipaghalubilo sa ibang bloggers pero parang ang hirap maabot nung iba. I've been to bloggers event pero ang tangi ko lang nakakausap eh iyong asawa ko na blogger din at ilan niyang blogmates na nakilala ko na din. Napapansin ko masyadong sosyal ang ibang mga bloggers na parang mahihiya kang lumapit sa kanila. Wala lang... nakakarelate lang... hehehe

  8. @alex hayz nga yan. gulo naman pala nila haha.

    @may aw, sorry to hear that. well we can't force others to accept us. the best thing is that we're happy where we are and we don't step on others. thanks for visiting and hope we can be friends online as well. ^^

  9. nabasa ko nga rin sa post nya to.. naawa nalang ako sa mga nagreact ng ganun kasi parang wala silang ibang magawa kundi ang manira..

    ano naman makukuha nila..

    ang akin lang.. as long as alam mong honest ka sa sarili mo.. yun na yun.. pakialam mo na sa sasabihin ng iba.. korek?

    oxa.. nakita ko tong blog mo kay enday.. mind if we exchange links? pareho naman pala tayong nuffnangers.. ehe..

  10. @shid korekness ^^ sure, exlinks tayo. kaso saang blog? hehe