Friday, October 10, 2008

Blog for All Reasons

The problem with having a lot of blogs is doubling the effort for writing bloggeries for such. Aside from this blog, I have a photo blog, a recent "humor" blog, a long-time poetry blog (which I don't get to update now because I lost my muse), a tech blog (dump actually of tech errors and solutions) among many more others. Hahaha. Yeah, the list can go on and on. Oh and I almost forgot a partnership blog for Pampanga. (We're actually asking if you can write some bloggeries on that blog. Contact me at if you want to. Thanks in advance! ^^)

Ok, I'm not just addicted to blogging. I got a lot of ideas going and when I do have an idea, I want it to be separated from the others because I don't want to mix up my seriousness and eccentricities in one blog. Hehehe. Hope you don't get confused though. ^^


  1. hehehe. thanks *blush*
    di nga ako masipag actually, tignan mo naman di ako makapag-update regularly. unlike you! ikaw ang masipag! ^^

  2. the reason is not important for me, i'm happy to blog..

    your blog is listed!, thanks for watching..