Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's Nothing Normal in the Blogosphere

I say there's nothing normal in the blogosphere because you have various opportunities and circumstances in the blogosphere that you won't have the chance to do in real life.

In your blog you not only shout out your feelings and ideas but you share your own self to the world. You can be a celebrity to most netizens like Bryanboy and PerezHilton. You can be somebody to your group of blogger friends even if in reality you may just be a normal person like me, who most people don't know exist. Haha, morbidness.

The blogosphere is a different world in the universe, perhaps on the astral plane. You get to have friends and comrades through virtual communities like I have in Litratong Pinoy or with others in Wordless Wednesday and the like. You can get paid with saying something positive on a product as a sponsored post or you can win on a contest just by announcing it in your blog.

And even when you think that you're just talking to yourself (like I do) in a journal, you're really unfolding yourself to a stranger who got interested with what you're trying to say. And that is a very fulfilling experience for me. I'm also touched whenever fellow bloggers give awards to me even if they're just tags or if someone's rooting for my blog in an online contest.

Here's my latest award from my kambal Enday, which is actually a personalized e-card so it makes it more touching even:

And I'm nominated for Filipino Blog of the Week (130) again. (Again because this blog was nominated a month ago, if I remember right, on my previous blogspot domain.) However I tired of campaigning too much for a contest plus I'd want to win because I didn't ask them to support me. So if you like my blog (and I'm not forcing you to), you can vote for me here. I don't know the criteria for the nominations but I'm still touched that someone recognizes me here.

Still I'm just a normal gal in the real world. Nothing's changed in my real life, but in the blogosphere I'm more able to express myself and I got to know some sweet individuals. Has blogging changed your life?

Happy weekend, everybody. ^^


  1. My friend, I've added your site in my Exchange Links as "NERI's Blog", check it please. And I hope to see you do the same with my site as "Direct-Link", please. Thank you!

    PS: I'm coming from

  2. Ako nga nainlove sa isa pang blogger e:D Iba talaga.

  3. nakz. makaboto nga. hehe. :D

    happy weekend!

  4. @arvin nice ^^ so sa blogging lang din pala kayo nagkakilala ni karmi. kakakilig naman hehe. ^^

    @vanny thanks, sis! :)

  5. Sure!! I'll Add you sa dalawa kong blog. By the way.... kami ng asawa ko ngayon eh sa internet lang din nagkakilala... =)