Friday, October 31, 2008

Angels and Demons Official Movie Trailer

...I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it... *singing* ^^

And I just saw Anne Hathaway in the poster. Ooh. Can't wait for May 2009! ^^

Anyway, there's James Bond this November. ;)


  1. i can't wait tooo!!!!

    i love the book, more than da vinci code!

  2. me, too! da vinci code pales in comparison to angels and demons. i just hope they make this movie right unlike what they did with dvc.

  3. I didnt know theyre making a movie of one of the best works of dan brown! *yuppie yipeee..*
    im excited now! i love this first book more than da vinci code. ^___^ hehee i wonder if it's still gonna be tom hanks as robert langdon or... wudnt it be better if it's another actor? gyah!thanks neri!

  4. it seems most of us like this better than da vinci code ei? still tom hanks though. ehe. ;)