Sunday, August 24, 2008

How Do You Spend Your Money?

I don't spend much money on usual stuff but I'm not a very thrifty person either. (My only vice is spending on good food. Good is not necessarily healthy though. Hehe. ^^)

I won't dish out a single centavo if I can get something for free, like blogging and software (i.e. freeware, open-source). With regards to clothes and other accessories, I try to buy things when these are on sale or discounted. Imagine, I bought a blouse in Baclaran for only Php50 ($1 more or less) and it doesn't even look like it's cheap; though of course it's not a signatured item but it's not also an imitation.

I don't care much for signatured or imported stuff unless it's an appliance or a gadget. How about you? :)

1 comment:

  1. gosh. I'm such a spender. I seem to forget my priorites if a good buy presents itself. Pero ngaun, I'm really trying to control myself from spending unwisely. Ang hirap, kaloka, but I know it will be rewarding someday:-)