Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vista Has Stopped Working

I shouldn't be ranting technical stuff here. I said I won't. But here I am.

When will Vista start working... properly?

Since last week, I was receiving prompts of applications not working in my computer:
Nero Home has stopped working.
DivX Player has stopped working.
Internet Explorer has stopped working.

I thought it was because of my defunct Vista Ultimate upgrade (that sucks too) but after searching through the net, this "stopped working" message is annoying most of the people out there.

It really is irritating especially IE. IE for crying out loud!

So I'm still with Vista Home Premium because of the upgrade boohoo and my IE restarts when it likes too (or technically speaking, when a site triggers its bugs). Thank God I haven't encountered the IE problem while in a critical task. Like blogging. Good idea to save this first.

I'm still an XP fan. I haven't installed it yet for a dual boot since I might not be developing anymore. I can be patient if I want to. *cross fingers*

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