Saturday, June 28, 2008

Top 3 Picks for Litratong Pinoy's Father

Okei, despite being groggy until now... (I'm late again. Hehe.)

Here's my top three Litratong Pinoy entries for last week's theme, Itay (Father).

#3. I chose Punto de Vista's entry for the father of her child because they were such a sweet couple. Read the first comment in that post, which was her husband's answer to her happiness. I hope I find such a man as well. *sigh*

#2. Meanwhile, Dr. Emer's entry was likened to a painting due to its blurry effect. I like the way the kid's happiness and security depended on her father's hand.

#1. My personal favorite is Alpha's take on her husband and daughter. I just love its simplicity and sincerity. Go look at it to understand what I feel.

So that was my top 3 picks for last week's LP theme. This is just based on my own taste so go visit the other entries as well. They're all beautiful, especially the stories. Happy and sad stories of fatherhood. Beautiful indeed.

Here's my entry for that, which I'm quite proud of, aptly titled "Papa".

Click image to visit 'Papa'

Next week, I'll post my favorites for LP's theme this week, Pag-aaral (Studying). I haven't finished my rounds yet. Hehe.

I really enjoy doing LP because I get to write Filipino essays, which I seldom do now, and I learn a lot from the stories of my LP friends. Hope you can join us as well. Bye for now and have a sweet night, folks! ;)


  1. thanks ner! salamat talaga :D

    correction lang, boy ang baby ko hehe

  2. hehehe, wrong mistake! welcome po! :)