Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Am I Still Blogging in the Wee Hours of the Morning?

At least I'm not the only one. It seems that Fab and FaeryRowan are still up with the way we've been hopping to each other's blogs. Hehe.

Well, I've been up because I got caught up in blogging late last evening (coz it's morning already, yeah).

Why was my last photo post late? Because I was dropping by my peers in Litratong Pinoy (LP).

You should join us as well because it's not only fun but inspiring. You don't need to be a photographer, just have some of your own pictures handy for the weekly themes. :)

Tomorrow I'll share with you my favorite LP entries for the past two weeks. I can't share them to you right now because I'm already groggy. Hehe.

But here's my latest LP entry titled "Sunog na Kilay (Burnt Brows)":

Click image to go to this entry.

If you will notice, that photo post is the only one with the image not as enlarged as the others. I'll just whisper to you why... 'Coz I didn't get the shot right so it pixelates when enlarged. Haha!Shh. ^^

I've already picked that as my LP entry for the week but I haven't noticed the problem when I took the pic last weekend. It just so happened that there was a brownout at home because of Typhoon Frank and Let needed the candlelight so she could continue with her lesson-planning. :D

Okei, so bye for now. Good morning, my readers, and my back is already sore. immaout!


  1. hirap makita ang comment section.. maliit sa aking screen...

    thanks for dropping by...

    okey sa photo mas maliit the better minsan heheh, camera trick hehehe...

    i will copy -link the newspaper post about pinoys and write something about it... I've been an OFW in Saudi in 2002 now here in Korea... still a migrant worker...

    yeah it gets tiring to be Filipino, but we are unique like any another race and nationality unique on their own kind of uniqueness...

  2. onga no po, maliit ung post comment.. sige papalitan ko po sa layout hehe.

    ah opo, masaya pa ring maging Pinoy. ingat po kayo dyan sa Korea! :)