Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacquiao New WBC Lightweight Boxing Champion

For the third time, ABS-CBN 2 has announced the outcome of Pacquiao's fight even before GMA 7 has televised the championship.

You see, we don't have cable television so we only watch Pacquiao's fights in GMA. However, since GMA has a lot of commercial endorsements in between all rounds of all the boxing competitions for today, I flip TV channels so I can also watch ABS-CBN's showcased movies. I've noticed that whenever Pacquiao has a fight at GMA, ABS-CBN always shows Star Cinema's recent movies.

As the news advisory stated, which is still being flashed at Pasukob, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao defeated David Diaz by knockout in the 9th round. Well I haven't seen the fight so I can't comment yet except congrats to Manny and the Filipino people once again, ei? :D

Well, as of this post, there's still no Pacquiao-Diaz Lethal Combination fight in GMA. I can wait. ^^
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  1. oh my! abs announced it???

    parang mas lethal combination pa tuloy ang abs vs gma

  2. hahaha. onga no? :D
    yeah, abs did.. for the 3rd time already. bawat laban ni pacquaio sa 7 ganun ginagawa nya and i always hear it before i can even watch the fight hehe.