Monday, June 9, 2008

early independence

happy independence day!!!

actually i don't feel that it's already independence day. am still an avid june 12 fan. haha. yeah, right. but i really don't feel this rescheduling of holidays. i'd have to stop on that argument since it's already a law, what can i do ei?


you are my sweetest downfall
i loved you first, i loved you first
- samson, regina spektor

Prince Caspian: The Chronicles of Narniathat's two of the most beautiful lines i've ever heard. i'm currently listening to regina spektor because my friend sang asked me to get a copy of "the call", the only actual song you'll hear in prince caspian. on the nervy kissing scene with keanu reeves look-alike prince caspian.

i think i'll be downloading a lot of spektor songs. ^^


speaking of prince caspian, i went on a 2-movie marathon last saturday with my friend and co-scorpio, tetay. yeah, no need to tell that we're both scorpios but that's part of our bond. we watched prince caspian first then after 10 minutes we hopped to the cinema tickets for kung fu panda.

Kung Fu Pandai think my sense of humor is at level with a child's. more than once did i hear the child at the row in front of me laugh with me at funny scenes in kfp. perhaps i'm still a kid. sa bagay, ji told me that i look like a big pre-schooler. i'd want to think of that as a compliment. haha.

i love kfp more than prince caspian. sorry. :P


was blog-hopping. i love this site named so appropriately: instant rimshot. go visit and you'll understand why it's funny. ;)

i thank this techie blog for sharing it. :)


well, happy freedom day again! i like freedom better than independence. what do you think?

that's why this post is in small caps. what's the connection?!! haha =))


  1. hhwhat?? ui ha... natakot naman ako, hahaha. di ko lang alam kung pang-ilan na 'to, pero lahat ata ng alam kong nanood ng 'Narnia: Prince Caspian', nanood din ng 'KFP' afterwards! as in pagkatapos talaga!! para tuloy... hmmm, yun bang... ah basta, di ko ma-explain! ahahaha, praning lang kasi ako eh, OC...

    i don't have the luxury to go on a movie marathon eh (kahit dalawa lang), nagbu-busy-busyahan palage, so hintayin ko nalang magka-torrent ang mga itu, then gagawin ko din yan, caspian muna then kfp! hahaha.

  2. hahaha. ganun ba? kala ko kami lang ni joel nagkapareho.

    onga eh, di ko madownload kfp kaya pinanood ko na lang sa big screen. :D