Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Boycott Manila Standard Today!

Boycott Manila Standard Today
After reading's comprehensive articles on the Malu Fernandez issue, I'm kept abreast of the whole situation. Yesterday as I revisited the site, I learned that Manila Standard Today has kept mum about the controversy and did not accept Fernandez' resignation, much to my (and perhaps most of us concerned Filipinos) disappointment.

I don't know what responsible journalism is now based on these events. So I take my stand in this little space of mine to boycott Manila Standard Today. Don't buy the newspaper! Don't visit their site! Accountability should be called for instead of prejudice! This is not just for our OFWs who were maligned in Fernandez' column but also to the essence of social responsibility.

I encourage you to join the boycott. You could get the badge code here.

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