Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Where is the standard in Manila Standard Today?

I thought last week that by this time the Malu Fernandez issue has died down due to her resignation and public apology. I thought that by this time, Manila Standard Today will clear things out and give their public statement. I thought that writing my stand on this bigotry issue is too late and I'll just settle with my research on Yakult. Unfortunately I thought wrong. (Yakult will have to wait for now.)

As I said in my boycott post, I don't know what responsible journalism is now based on these events. What is journalism for anyway if all boils down to bigotry and prejudice? Isn't journalism for the people? By not giving an explanation on why they decided to print Fernandez' article and not accepting her resignation are irresponsible (in)actions. What does Manila Standard Today uphold now? Where is the standard in Manila Standard Today?

Again, don't buy their newspaper. Don't visit their site. Why should we patrionize an establishment that does not respect our honor not only as individuals but moreso as Filipinos?

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  1. Thank you for joining us in our campaign to boycott Manila Standard and force Malu Fernandez to resign.

    We can not let her get away with what she has written. The emotional scar that was caused by her article to many OFWs is unforgivable. Manila Standard blatant display of arrogance and biased standard must not go unpunished.