Monday, July 2, 2007

Zoobic Safari: Bone Museum

The Bone Museum is housed in a former bunker which contained ammunition, proven by the firewall in front of it. Kuya Noel informed us that bunkers that have firewalls are meant for ammunition storage since the firewalls serve as a fail-safe measure in case of (accidental) explosions.

As the name implies, the Bone Museum showcases the bones... of animals. Aside from skeletons, there are also casts of preserved species like in the pictures below. (Except Lisa and me. Hehe.)

(c) Pictures taken by Melissa Bolivar

The preserved tiger above (side and front view) is an actual female tiger from Zoobic Safari itself. The tiger (I forgot its name, sorry.) died last year when a snake accidentally "hopped in" the safari jeep, entered the Tiger Savannah and bit the said tiger.

I learned from Kuya Noel that even if tigers are bitten by snakes, they could easily recover by chewing on a special (Kuya Noel forgot the specific name) leaf which in turn defeats the venom in their blood stream. The tiger did not survive because at that moment, it was taken to its cage and did not have the chance to chew on that special leaf. Poor tiger. :'(

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