Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not in the Mood

My energy died down last Sunday. I just don't know why.
Perhaps my jolly tank needs refueling.
But I need to blog so let me have a quick post instead.


Work's back to normal.
Well, not the network connection, just the tasks. So if ever I can't post for the next couple of weeks, I'm out of civilization.

There, I changed my layout. A crisper, cleaner look, ei?
What do you think?


Watched Transformers last Sunday evening with Tetay at SM Clark. The cinema was full-packed and the front seats were the only ones left so we just imagined we were watching in IMAX instead. (Despite the hurting eyes. Hehe.)
Good film though, in spite of negative feedback I get from fans of the original TV series. Good thing pala I didn't watch the cartoons when I was a kid; therefore no prejudice on my part.
Kewl effects! :D


My friend, Loyme, is back in the Philippines. Welcome home, Loim!
Thanks for the nifty wooden pen. ^_^
Hopefully I and my calugurans will visit his hometown in Nueva Ecija by the following weekend.
Here's a pic of us at Chic 'n Ribs around 3 AM last Sunday.



  1. Heya Ner, yeah the "neater" layout is better. Guys like girls who are neat. You're learning. ^_o

  2. Hahaha. Didn't mean to be perceived in that case :P