Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Other than Making Fiends

Making fiends, making fiends
Vendetta's always making fiends
Making fiends
While Charlotte makes friends

Lisa and I have mastered the song of Making Fiends already. To the detriment of Nhut's ears. Wehehe.

I was so sad this afternoon when I found out that I've finished watching all 20 episodes of the cartoon. Despite posting the link of Making Fiends so far far ago, t'was just this time that I remembered to watch the series again. Congratulations to Amy Winfrey, in case they continue this cartoon in Nickelodeon.

While lurking in the site for more goodies, I found other cartoon sites of Amy Winfrey: Muffin Films and Big Bunny.

Muffin Films is perhaps Amy's first cartoon site, which she did for her MFA thesis project at UCLA Animation Workshop. Imagine that!

I've finished watching Muffin Films and I'm now in for Big Bunny. Enjoy! :D

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