Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Die Hard 4

I'm sorry but contrary to my male friends' opinions (but at least similar with Tetay's), I didn't appreciate the movie enough to say that I like it superbly.

It's just that the stunts were a little impossible (or I'm just too judgmental here) and you're not in suspense anymore even if Bruce Willis is in the brink of death (he'll live anyway).

What's amazing is how a hacker could play God with the US system and plan such a terrific terrorism attack (I'm not pro-terrorism, it was just so powerful to see in the flick). However, of course, security of such systems should be the utmost responsibility of the government so as not to wreak havoc as seen in the film. Sa bagay, it was supposedly an inside job and the irony of ironies, the antagonist made the system itself. How convenient, right?

Tetay was announcing afterwards that we watched Justice League. There was Superman (Willis) and Spiderman (that hard-to-kill goon that jumped at anything within or without reach).
[If you can remember, those Spiderman stunts were also incorporated in Casino Royale's opening scene. The stunt industry now showcases that extreme sport of jumping.]

It was a good thing I chose to watch Die Hard 4 with a free ticket. Thanks to coupons. :D

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