Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Antique, Antic

This is a toast for my antique cellphone. Har har har. That's Cathy, my trusty cell holder bought at Papemelroti, with beads from Jopay. [Uy, Jop's sentiments. Hehehe XD]

Actually this picture was taken through Chen's new N73, one of those high-end phones I dreamt to have. But I've stopped dreaming. (Of glamourized phones. Hahaha. I'd rather have a true blue digicam :P)


I never thought of citing this but here it is: Thanks to Jeff (special mention tuloy) for sharing this funny clip of a human tetris game in Jap teevee. I really laughed out loud and could have rolled on the floor if I weren't here in the office. Hats off! Mai and I are addicted already. XD
[Sadly, we can't find other videos. It's just this one clip. If ever you find one, kindly tell us. Please! ^_^]

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