Thursday, June 28, 2007

Unexpected Changes

Difficult as it may seem to me but I have to change my layout. (Triple ouch! ~_~)

For the past few weeks, I've gone through unexpected changes...

Our area here at GT with no connection other than the Internet - a blessing and a curse. Blessing 'coz we're not pressured to work. (Har har har.) Curse 'coz when we do have to work, we have to go back to our previous area and "squat." (Hassle!)

My Think Rich attitude caused by reading Bo's 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich, which made a 360 degree turn on my former thinking on wealth. I want to be part of God's new breed of millionaires. :D Thus I'm starting my path towards passive income. I encourage you, too! ^_^

Thus, I've engorged my passion of writing to the next level and hoisted additional blogs to my profile on:
  • Technology, which I aptly named tech-ner-logy. Hee-hee. Despite not being so into technicalities, I shared what I encounter in my field.
  • General information which I've noted way back in high school and college. I've rummaged through my notes and posted it in All That Clutters. I liked my spoof on the adage All that glitters is gold and turned it to All that clutters is gold. :D
  • Travel. Actually this blog has long been created (and neglected). Thus, I've just done a re-layout on Ibang Trip.
  • My written works. I hosted my poetry (and one or two essays) on FictionPress but I'm now posting it on Swan Writings.

Why the sudden surge of blogs? I'm just applying what Bo said in his book: Earn from your passion. My passion is blogging, writing to be exact, and now I want to earn from it --- at last! How? Nothing much actually. I just put Google AdSense (if you've noticed alright) and then wait if my blog readers are interested with the ads. (If there are readers. Hehe.)

Thus, I have to change my layout here. In order to create a more friendly and harmonious site for the readers and AdSense. I hope I'll succeed. If not, then... try again!

We should not be afraid to take risks and fail. That' s what I learned recently. It's easier said than done, I know, but I'm taking my small steps now... with you. :)



On the Shelf: Think Rich, Pinoy! by Larry Gamboa.

Movies to Watch (after running after POTC: At World's End):

  • Transformers - Now Showing. Will watch in SM Clark.
  • Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix - July 11. Hopefully in IMAX. *cross fingers*
  • Ratatouille - This July?
  • Die Hard 4 - This July. Still thinking if I'll watch this on the big screen.

Till next layout. Smooches ^_^


  1. HI Girl! At last nakita ko na rin ang sanctuary mo dito ^_^ oi naaiba ata yung mood natin ah! Mas energetic ata tayo dito :)Girl thanks sa pag post mo ng movie scheds... :D .. Ill visit u here again!

  2. Girl, sana nakilala kita. (But I do have a hunch.) Hehe. Pero thanks for visiting ^_^