Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what should i do with my life

That's the title of a bestseller that Nhut bought. She said it seems desperate that she bought it. But as I thought it over... Nah. That question should be posed to us when we're not desperate, when we think we're sane. That's the right time.

I just read one of its chapters entitled "New Person, Same Job." It hit me near the gut. It was enlightening especially that I was going through the same ordeal last month. That's why the two-week leave. That's why the so-called self-introspection.

But during that two-week leave I didn't get all the answers. Nevertheless it was ok. It was fun to bond with my loved ones especially my family. I've come to love the philosophy that lost time cannot be bought. Jogging with my father, mother and sister at Bayanihan Park would be one of those memories I'll cherish and look forward to also.

So I'm still here with the same job. Looking at the computer for hours and slacking my butt on the chair. Listening to the droning processor and relentless issues from my superiors and clients. That's life. (No boyfriend also. Haha.)

I just realized now (even if I've read it countless times in other books) that you can't change your life just by changing your environment. It starts with you. Change of perspective would somehow make life easier. As I've stated before, life ain't complicated. We just make it complicated.

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