Thursday, December 7, 2006

blogging addiction

Blogging is a trend already in the web community. Even celebrities, activists and politicians have one. There's one simple truth why blogging has been a common thing now: the essence of voice.

Each of us has that little voice within us, gnawing, clawing to get out, break free. Especially those who doesn't have any courage to speak out their thoughts in the real world. Here in the web we could let it all out even without anyone else knowing but ourselves. The important thing is we've said it --- vented out the anger, cried out those mushy feelings, felt we've accomplished something just by posting that essential entry.

I already have 4 blogs in my account... one at Friendster, two here at Blogger (the other one just got conceived), one in Multiply that I'm not taking care of, and one private blog in Tabulas (and I'm not telling). Perhaps I just got a lot to post, but not a lot to say, ei?

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