Thursday, December 7, 2006

six wa(l)king hours

Last night I met with Prick at Megamall to watch Happy Feet and accompany him to shop for his costume for his upcoming company Christmas party.

Sardines at MRT
I left work at around 6pm and traversed the road towards MRT. As usual a whole bunch of commuters crammed up the train despite growls and shoves. Sometimes I'm just amazed by how people seem stuck in the glass windows of MRT and still breathe. I was astounded last night how one lady got in despite her foot stemming out of the door. When the doors were signalled to close, she eventually put her foot right in the nick of time. Simply amazing.
Of course I didn't have the chance to get in that batch and had to wait for another train. I don't think I'm that powerful.

The Torture of Malling
So I met up with Prick at Mega A. Fortunately he was famished and we decided to eat first. I missed Teriyaki Boy so I suggested we eat there. That was at the Mega Strip B. After the dinner treat, we went back to Mega A and shopped, well he shopped, for clothes and colognes at Penshoppe and Oxygen. I just smelled all the perfume testers.
I don't know the exact amount he spent but I saw the cash registry at Penshoppe. I was dumbfounded. I'm not used to buying stuff... 3 items... for more than 1k. Call me thrifty but I just don't see the practicality in this. I guess I'm just poor hehe. That's why even if I liked one or two colognes I smelled back there, I debated with myself for the measly 75 pesos. I appraised my whole outfit yesterday and it didn't even sum up to 500 pesos. Bite me.
So back to the feet-killing stroll at the mall, we got lost. That brought more torture to our aching feet already. We didn't know where Bench was and checked with the directory. All it told us what it was at Mega A UGF. What kind of map did they have?! It just had numbers alloted to the stalls but the directory had no numbers of any kind to check with the map! Or were we just dim due to exhaustion? I've got no sense of direction whatever and Prick mistook LG to UG so we walked all the way from Mega A to Mega B once again then back to UG from Mega B to Mega A again. We had to circle our way to Mega A UG to find the much-sought-after Bench stall. Prick bought jeans while I smelled more colognes.
We headed for the department store afterwards so he could buy pajamas for his sister's birthday. The night had no luck to make Prick buy what he ought to buy. No pajamas fit for her sister, no costume for him. At least I found my gift for our Kris Kringle at the department store, worth less than 80 pesos. *big smile*
The feet torture prevailed till we saw the cinema for we bypassed another floor before we got there. How lucky life can be.

Unlikely Ending for Happy Feet
It was so delightful once I had the opportunity to sit in the cinema. It was heaven. I fought the urge to doze off for that was my primary goal --- to watch Happy Feet, not to torture my feet. My feet ain't happy that time. They must have cursed me to death.
The film was enticing to start with. I loved the penguins especially the baby ones. Mumble was so cute, particularly when he tap danced. However I didn't like the ending. I hate it. Why didn't they maintain the beauty of the film till it finished? The start was great, the middle part carried on the grand graphics and cool music but the ending just flopped. Where did it go? Why did that happen? Why did they force that resolution to the penguins? Argh. But I still love Mumble and the baby penguins.
I went home by midnight.

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