Tuesday, February 14, 2006

hearts day once again

valentines day... a day for flowers... chocolates... dates... all the romantic works and notions... it's the great day of love... of affection... of showy lovey-doveys...

it's also a dreadful day for singles who treat it so damn special that they focus their attention on the loss of a special someone to date instead of focusing on more important things...
actually, i don't care if i don't have a date today. it's just the boys here in the office (specifically vince "baduders") which constantly tease us single girls of our zero lovelives.

but i guess it's just like christmas... valentines is not seen as what it should be... beyond the flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners. it should be more than that though less grandiose.

i had a great hearts day before it even started. i was even sick with my inflamed left tonsil and lymph nodes yet i visited pepe, a friend who was sick too... to find out that he's not sick anymore. so we visited tetay, our other sick friend (yep, we were all sick friends :D), who has chicken pox (pepe and i were afraid at first to go for fear of contamination :D). off we went with the coconut i gave to pepe, which we will eventually share with tetay.
we had a bulblit dinner (pepe and i were requesting tetay for candles but she did not consent due to shame for the neighbors) outside her house, overseeing the big bright full moon. it was beautiful... just the three of us dining and chatting and laughing at our own stories. i was touched because after almost nine years we were still there like we used to when we were still in high school.

the night ended with a cold breeze embracing me while i was going home.

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