Monday, February 20, 2006

in the brink of poverty

yep... we're low on money here right now... even a single centavo matters :D

since saturday, we've felt so poor and humbled for lack of money. we've met at gateway mall, chic and elegant (coz it's still new, mind you :D) , though we're out of place there. we can't even buy decent candies at the candy store without thinking of the precious grams! (a hundred grams of candies cost 130 pesos already so we really didn't want to consume the complete hundred grams. we need to save every penny!)

now i'm at a loss of words (and money) to describe how hopeless we are. wehehe. in my case, i need to spend at most 500 pesos this whole week so i can survive next payday. how poor can i get? think of squeezing everything...

actually i'm not into money really. i don't care how much anyone's salary is because i don't judge one's character on his earnings. however, given the situation... i do realize that money is important (but not everything, not the essence) to live in this world due to our necessities. everything we need has a price... thank God air isn't still in that list. how cruel can the world get if that happens...

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