Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sbarro's New Half and Half

I was craving for a Chicago White pizza partnered with my favorite raspberry iced tea so I headed for Sbarro before trudging off to my errands.

When the cashier asked for my drink, I answered happily for a raspberry iced tea. But to my dismay, they didn't have any in their stock. Maybe she perceived my sadness because while she told me the drink selection - iced tea, lemonade and a new iced tea lite - she gave me a small cup of the last one so I can taste.

Well the lite part was true to its nature. It was iced tea without a lot of sugar. Anyway it was a bit bland for me so when I opted out, the cashier pointed me to another new drink – half-and-half - half iced tea, half lemonade.

I said yes right away without any misgivings and didn't even ask for a test sip. Luckily my instinct did me good for it was a complementing mix of both drinks and I enjoyed it.

Sbarro has never failed me and it will always be on my list of comfort food. Yum yum. ^^


  1. Sbarro's Baked Zitti!!!! –my favorite haha

    it's been a while since i lurked here, buhay pa pala :)

    1. Hi lowell! Musta na? Di na nga to gano updated. Glad to know you still visit here.

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