Thursday, September 13, 2012

Education on the Go

Information is not that difficult now to get because of the technology available to us. Who would have known a couple of years ago that we will be able to research without going to the library and browse through books of lengthy material and bulky pages in just a few seconds? And what about meet ups? Who would have thought that people from different places – continents – can see each other, talk to each other we just a swipe of a finger?

I remember back in my elementary years, I had classmate who was in the top of our class and her secret was having a tutor. And her tutor turned out to be our very own English teacher. How convenient, right?

Anyway, I digress. Going back, even tutors nowadays can be available online too. So I think it is more convenient than having the tutor come to your house at a certain hour each day. With technology, online tutors can have the necessary references that a student needs – reading materials, graphs, charts, visual aids.

That's how technology empowers all of us, I guess. Indeed globalization has made the world smaller and reachable. Funny how that power lies in our fingertips.