Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guess Who Invaded McDo

DISCLAIMER: No children were hurt by the making of this blog post. Peace to the fastfood chains involved. Pun intended but no offense, kei? ^^


Yesterday I accompanied a friend of mine and went dining at McDonald's. (Fondly called McDo by us Filipinos?)

Welcome to McDonald's, he says..

It seems he jives with the background.

Ooh, what's that he's gawking at?

Geez, who minds if he eats some cheeseburger? To hell with calories.

Sorry, can't help take pictures of my Jollibee* doll while we were at McDonald's. :D

Bummer, I didn't get a Filipino-inspired Jollibee costume. :(

* Jollibee is a Philippine fast food chain which highly competes with McDonald's for the appetites of Pinoy children and adults alike.


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