Friday, January 9, 2009

Dogs Won't Leave Hollywood

Man's best friend won't leave him be even to the movies. We've seen Dalmatians 101, Beethoven, Underdog, and classic Lassie among all dog films out there. Perhaps inspired from the glamorized chihuahua with the likes of Paris Hilton's pet, Disney gives us Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Drew Barrymore voices over Chloe, Andy Garcia on Delgado

I can't find the trailer that's being shown in movie houses recently. The trailer above is like an MTV of a chihuahua singing the Chihuahua song. :D

Meanwhile, Dreamworks has also done their bit on our canine friends with Hotel for Dogs.

Hotel for Dogs Trailer

That shoe vending machine is sweet. Also, Lisa Kudrow is very brilliant with a dumb blonde character. ^^

Question: Are you a dog or cat person? :)


  1. i love both cats and dogs

    who wouldn't love these cutesies!!!