Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yahoo's Top 10 Movie Trailers of 2008

I'm so glad to know that I've seen most of Yahoo's top movie trailers for 2008. (Well, Harry Potter hasn't been shown yet and I'm still griping for Twilight. Hehe.)

So here's their top 10 in descending order. ;)

10. Kung Fu Panda. One of my favorite animation films of all-time I guess. I just love the moral of the movie and the master turtle, of course. To think this is an all-star cast as well featuring David Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and Black Jack.

9. Sex and the City. Sorry but I haven't watched the movie because I don't watch its TV counterpart. I just thought that I won't get the full story. They say, the TV series was better than the movie. Is that right?

8. Hancock. I think this wasn't really an action film but the moral is good. Nevertheless, good job. ;)

7. Wanted. Oh, I just love the blood and the insanity. Don't you? :D

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Sad thing that it didn't pursue its opening this year. Anyway, this'll surely be in my to-watch list for next year, including Angels and Demons of course. ;)

5. Iron Man. I actually didn't like the film because it didn't have the basic elements of action. I wanted more. Well, I have to wait for the next installation of the Avengers. ^^

4. The Incredible Hulk. This is the best Hulk movie I've seen so far. (Not that I've watched a lot really. Haha.)

3. Twilight. I still haven't seen this as of this writing. Should I watch it tonight? Hmmm...

2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I was surprised to see Shia Labeouf here because I think he's had a great break at Transformers. The adage "Knowledge is power" suits this film to a tee. ^^

1. Dark Knight. Woohoo! I just love this movie because of The Joker! Sadly he won't be appearing next time, ei? But I'm still hoping for Johnny Depp as The Riddler in the succeeding Batman movie.

Was your fave 2008 movie in the list? I like Wall-E but it's not in the list. Hehe. :)


  1. I like wall-e as well. sex and the city is the only movie I haven't watched from your lists (and ofcourse harry potter, how can i?hehhe).

  2. hmmm, lemme see... i like kung fu panda, wanted, indiana jones, and the dark knight. but my favorite is, of course, twilight!! weeee! i dunno why! hahaha. i am never a fan of movies like this with romantic mushy lovers + that knight in shining armor-esque effect esp. from a vampire! like i said, i dunno why. but ahlavet!

    (excited too about HP and angels & demons)

  3. i love wall-e too!

    kaso wala nga

    harry potter trailer for me is the best

    haven't seen twilight either, ang daming tao ayoko ng me screaming fans sa loob

  4. @rachel: how can you nga naman? how can i, too? hahaha. langyang lokohan. hahaha.

    @lowell: haha, glad you have a new alternative then. i'm so into vampires actually. ^^

    @alex: nwei these are just top trailers :D me naman dark knight trailer is the best pa rin. saw twilight 2 nights ago, nakakainis nga screaming fans haha.