Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Dream Match Results and Highlights

UPDATE: Here's a replay of the Dream Match and photos as well. :)

Woohoo, as opposed to the earlier rumors I got that Manny lost at Round 5, he actually won! TKO even. I never doubted his agility and stamina. :D

Round 1 caught De La Hoya with a lot of punches on the face though we can see that he doesn't stop there. Both fighters appear well-conditioned though The Golden Boy seems slower than Pacquiao. Round 3 exhausted Pacman with a few punches from De La Hoya. De La Hoya really slowed down by Round 4. But by Round 5, the match just got heated with a lot of power punches from Pacquiao which eventually increased in the succeeding rounds. Round 7 was definitely the deciding factor for De La Hoya's defeat in Round 8.

As was asked after Round 8, Oscar dela Hoya stated that Manny Pacquiao was "too fast." De la Hoya only halved Pacquiao's power punches. Kewl! ^^

Nevertheless, The Golden Boy is a good sport and said Manny deserved everything he has now. :)

Again, congrats to Manny Pacquiao and he's definitely in for a Filipino feast when he comes home. :)


  1. i didnt really expect that De la Hoya will just quit, as in just like that. He didn't even waited for the results nor fight til his last breath, oh well.. :D

  2. yeah, it was a surprise really. i was flicking thru another browser then i heard shouts of joy so i didn't get it at first ehe.