Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inspire 2009

Only a few hours left and we'll be opening our doors to 2009. (And I still have to do my improvised graham cracker dessert.)

My depressing 2008 post was a bit depressing I think so here's to soothen that out. I actually can't think of something good that happened this year or perhaps it all got blocked out with the recent recession. Refresh me.

Honestly, what year's so good for the whole world really? I mean, thinking in a weird perspective, the global crisis served like a unification for everyone of us. All of us can be poor, not only third world countries. Hehe. But of course, we're in the lower rung still despite the recession.

Perhaps our first resolution for the new year should be to inspire others. To be hopeful for a better situation and to act on it, too. To be an example to others who are experiencing the same problems. To be able to smile and still thank God for whatever brings. I believe that a thankful heart is a happy heart. :)

Instead of searching the inspiration from others, let's start with ourselves.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be the inspiration for a better year. ^^


  1. Thanks for inspiring everyone sis!
    including me :)
    Let's all wish this New Year will be a good one for everybody,have faith :)