Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year that was Depressing?

Yeah, I know my title's pretty cliche. You can put any year there and say "the year that was" so I put in another adjective. Hehe.

Let's start the backtrack with a depressing note. :D

2008 is the year of the global economic crisis. The US meltdown started with the downfall of Lehman Brothers. We not only have to worry about global warming but we also have to pick up the pieces from the financial crisis we're in. Bummer.

All eyes are set on Obama's presidency as salvation but I think we all need to put our effort in as well. I hate it when I hear people complain about the government, as if they don't have a say on how to run their lives. Yes, the government has the powers that be but you gave them that.

Meanwhile, 2008 has been bitter to China. Before the onslaught of the melamine craze, officials in the Philippines have also cautioned local consumers of toys made in China because of its lead content. Moreover after the melamine issue, some canned goods from China were found to be containing cadmium, a cancer-causing metal. And we haven't yet noted the great earthquake that shook China that killed 5,000 people and injured 10,000 more.

Well, at least the Beijing Olympics was successful, ei? :)

Aside from the global crisis, the Philippines kept to its usual trend in 2008. Meaning disasters, terrorism, corruption, and boxing. The unfortunate mishap of the MV Princess among other tragedies plus typhoon casualties. The kidnapping of Ces Drilon and her media team. The nth impeachment case against PGMA and other senate hearings to date. And the recent victory of Pacquiao to de la Hoya, even proclaimed Boxer of the Year.

Yes, the Philippines is a happy country despite anything depressing that has happened, is happening, and will happen. We endure to the better and worse. Having this quality has its advantages and disadvantages, of course.

So... Happy New Year, anyone? :D

Here's to wishing a better year with lots of hope and safety surrounding it. Cheers!


  1. eek.. that's bad. but what about the good things that happened? may maisusulat pb? (hehe) para nmn mas maging positive ang next year if we know what good things happened in 2008.

  2. Di ko rin alam what good things happened sa 2008... meron bang inspiring? :D

  3. goodness gracious!

    purge negativity

    purge negativity haha