Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dragon Ball: Evolution International Trailer

Will you watch Dragon Ball's live action movie on 2009?


  1. yay, nakakapasok na uli ako dito!

    ang serious ni goku sa movie kakapanibago

    far from the goku we grew up with

  2. aww, stil getting problems in accessing the site? i haven't encountered such, though. :( hope Blogger's checked on this issue. what do you see when you can't access the site?

    yeah, it doesn't feel like the Dragon Ball anime no? masyado silang serious lahat. parang ho-hum tuloy. ehe.

  3. hmmm. hmmm. di ko sya type. nung unang beses ko makita yung trailer sa unang mong post bout this, di man ako na-excite - naexcite ako upon knowing na meron movie, but upon seeing the trailer, OMG "anu yon?!?" hahaha. it's like street fighter slash DOA slash those type of american-chinese hybrid movies, di ko feel.. haha ^^
    di nya naabot ang expectations ko. yun lang, bow.