Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight Soundtrack

Caught this playlist from imeem. Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight's director, talks about the film's soundtrack. There's also a bonus clip of a song that didn't make it in the OST.

Catherine Hardwicke Soundtrack Playlist

I haven't read Twilight actually but I'm going to watch this movie. I have e-books but isn't the story more suited for teens? (Not that I don't have the brain of a teenager.) Perhaps I'm just too influenced with Anne Rice's Lestat.

Is rock the most suitable music for vampires? Lestat did rock. How about trance?


  1. i haven't read the twilight saga yet. a friend of mine suggested that i get the first book, but i couldn't find it here in AC, and i'm too lazy to look elsewhere! hahaha. she's now on the third book 'eclipse' and she said she's starting to hate bella swan already! (more hahahaha), so i'm really having second thoughts on getting started with twilight. but i was really waiting for the movie though. yesterday should've been 'the day' but the malls here are not showing the movie yet! sigggghh.

  2. yeah, premiere here in the phils is only on nov 26. want to have a copy of the e-books i have? a friend sent it to me but i only read the first paragraph ehe. perhaps just like harry potter, i'd like to watch it than read. ^^

  3. twilight in usa was last nov. 21 neri .. but i had work and i was too tired so i neglected to see the movie. i heard all the osts though...erm.. theyre not all that fascinating..erm, actually not fascinating at all. the book is a recommended reading material even for adults our age. i had freidns same as me that had read it, but i didnt let them tell me the details cos i have plans to read it in the future. probably ill watch the movie when it has a torrent released online, lol. kidding!~

    glad u joined imeem! :D

  4. yeah the ost isn't great except for the flightless bird i re-posted, huh?