Friday, November 21, 2008

I Wish I Could Draw

Well, I can draw all right. But only stick people and smileys (and with no artistic appeal in that too). Boohoo.

So I settle for gawking at great fan art or taking pictures instead. ^^ (Well, even photography isn't active in my blood lately. Boo some more. Boohoo.)

If only I can make fan art for Death Note (my recent addiction), that'd be cool. Anyway, I just wanted to share this cute comic strip regarding global warming. (Yeah, who could have thought Death Note can be connected with global warming, ei?) Kudos to SilentReaper. ^^


  1. yay! i love death note too! have u read the manga as well? i think it is the most brilliant seinen anime. lol. manga too!
    u can read it online@ onemanga and mangafox. i recommend mangafox at the moment.

  2. actually i read the manga and haven't watched the anime series yet. finished it btw last sat. yay! ^^ i read it in onemanga. ge, i'll check mangafox. thanks for the heads up. :)