Friday, November 28, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy Version of Goodbye

Don't you just love Moymoy? Well I do. He's one of the reasons I watch Bubble Gang* even if it's already late at night. Hey, it's Bubble Gang night later! ^^

MANILA, Philippines—The latest YouTube sensation is not a singer in the usual sense, but two Pinoy lip-synching siblings, whose uproarious antics have earned them fans worldwide, including Peter Cetera of the famous 1970s group, Chicago.

The novelty music video act that is Moymoy Palaboy debuted on the Internet in February 2007, purely on a whim. “Trip lang, gusto lang naming makita sarili namin sa YouTube, [We just wanted to see ourselves in YouTube.]” says James Ronald Obeso, a.k.a. Moymoy.

Since then, it has a garnered a total of 7.12 million hits for 22 uploaded videos.

At first, James had difficulty convincing Rofil, his younger brother, who was very shy. But when Rofil finally said yes, deciding to wear a bushy wig to hide his identity, the act proved to be a rib-tickling bombshell waiting to explode.

Using a Sony Ericsson W810i cell phone with a 2-megapixel camera — and with Rofil editing the footage on an HP laptop — the first Moymoy Palaboy video, ‘N Sync’s “Dirty Pop,” featured only James.

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Got this video from Pinay Mom in Czech Rep while I was blog-hopping. :)

* Filipino TV gag show


  1. hi neri!

    these 2 guys are already becoming popular no? they have a lot of money na, coz their products are getting more sophisticated. but i kinda liked their originals better.

  2. my hubby and i have always enjoyed watching them. we both have a good laugh with their funny antics! hehehe and they are so popular already!

  3. i really like the guys coz they look like a fellow in our church. but we don't have the nerve to tell our friend about them coz he is always serious. lol maybe in time. lol

  4. hello! visiting you again . :-) thanks for stopping by my blog ha. kakaenjoy talaga tong dalawang to. hehe

  5. hi ner! furios and i love moymoy palaboy too! we always laugh our asses off when we watch these 2..anyway, we've updated your link in our site. have a great week ahead! :)