Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dragon Ball Movie Teaser Trailer

I almost literally grew up with Dragon Ball Z (then shown on RPN 9). So this movie will definitely go into a lot of critique not only from me but for all fans of the anime series for sure.

Actually I'm a little hesitant in seeing this film because I think it won't come at par with the original Dragon Ball. Well, I still have till April of 2009 to convince myself to watch it.

Was that a blonde Piccolo?


  1. im watching this also when i am young. =)

  2. anime are anime. Imagine Barney casting in Jurassic Park Movies. You cant put real people to portrait a anime character. Transformer, Superman, batman, ironman...Yes you can imagine them or fantasize them, what if they do this superhero in real persons...di ba ang cool, ang galing...but imagine anime character put in real human version...panget....nyway if wala din maganda palabas better watch this rather watch philippine's teen love team movies.

  3. @vanny: hehehe childhood moments no?

    @lon: yup, anime turned real isn't as fun as comic book characters. but then again, how about death note? though i haven't seen the movie yet. just reading the manga recently.