Friday, September 19, 2008

Is TV Your Life?

I left this question in this conversation: Does TV have an influence in your life?

Well for me, it definitely has. It may not be my primary influence (thank God I'm not a TV addict) but it still does touch my life. (Naks.)

I was a full-pledged couch potato when I was a kid that it seemed I was the personification of a TV guide. Back then I can tell you what program will show on what channel at what time. Part of my ABCs was watching Batibot and Sesame Street then grew up with the kids at Ang TV and 5 and Up. (Chynna Ortaleza was a host there with my long-time crush Atom Araullo. ^^) Eventually my teenage years were colorized with TGIS and Click. (At that time, our TV can't receive Channel 2's signal.) And of course, who can't escape the animania from Voltes V to Dragon Ball Z to Ghost Fighter to Flame of Recca and many more.

So let me ask you again, does TV have an influence in your life?

P.S. It's the first tribal council later at Survivor Philippines. ;)

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