Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello, World

I remember the golden days of Internet in my high school days when Internet was a luxury and almost all Filipinos were noobs. I was in third year high school when our school opened an Internet laboratory and students were filing in to get their hands on a PC and while away their time without knowing what to do with the Internet. Upon getting in, we’d just click the IE link and stare at it for a time then go: “Ok, let’s chat instead.”

So it’s really funny when I came into this Interracial Chat because of remembering my teen years in the Internet. The site is simple enough to use and no frilly stuff that confuses users on features. Just chat and go! You can also use webcams and microphones just like in YM. There’s also a guest account for trial use though it’s really short-lived. Still, membership is free so there’s no big deal with that. So if you want to chat with different people from different races, try it out.

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